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1. Anonymous User on 12/19/2011, said:


"I've always followed a healthy lifestyle. I've taken calcium supplements since my twenties. I ate right and exercised.
Yet at age 50, my physician put me on prescription Fosamax and upped my calcium supplement intake. My bone density did not improve after a year. Disappointed, I called my sister-in-law; She had done a lot of research on calcium absorption and pointed me to a natural foods store and AdvaCAL Ultra from LaneLabs. I bought a bottle. I did not realize how important this switch in calcium would be.
Three and one half years later my spine bone density shot up nearly 30%; my hip density increased 10%. My doctor was surprised. He had never seen that type of change before. I was ecstatic.
I have 7 grandchildren and no longer worry about my bones. Today, I had to rescue my 18 month-old grandson from the top of the playland at a fast food restaurant. I didn?t even hesitate to climb up to carry him down; he needed me. Thank you, AdvaCAL for helping to give me strong bones ? and peace of mind."
Cheryl Linsday, Age 54.

"When the results of my bone density test came in, and there was an improvement, I had to tell everybody" Bone Scans +6% in hip and +14% in spine after 2 years.
Connie P. Age 70

"I have increased bone density by 20%."
Shannon M. Age 28

"As [a bone health] expert, I appreciate the difference that AdvaCAL offers over other calciums. I recommend it to my patients and I take it myself every day."
Martha Gonzales M.D.

"I have been seeing an endocrinologist for several years. Last year they did a bone scan and repeated it this year with the same machine, the same technician and the position so exact X-ray could be superimposed on the other. To their surprise, and mine, I had a 6.1% bone increase. The doctor immediately wanted to know what supplements I had been taking. Of course AdvaCAL was at the top of the list."
- Jean M.

"AdvaCAL Works"
Roxanne E. Age 39

In one year I had a "11.9% increase in bone density" with Fosamax and AdvaCAL.
Carol B. Age 41

"After my bone scan, I was advised by my doctor to take a calcium supplement. I had been taking another calcium product but decided to switch to AdvaCAL. I consider myself lucky to be feeling so well. I have no problems with side effects taking your products."
Valerie H.

"The results of my DEXA for 2008 represent one full year on your product AdvaCAL. While the numbers are not dramatic, they do show progress towards building bone. I only take your product. It works! Many Thanks!"
Denise S.,

"I am writing to thank you for your product! As you can see by the enclosed bone density reports, I have done great on your AdvaCAL...My doctor put on my report (Bone Density Excellent Markedly Improved Stay on Same Vitamins)."
Jean Y.

"The doctors are really impressed with my results."
Jane W. Age 80

"Within 10 days of first taking AdvaCAL I could actually feel the difference."
Laurie T. Age 50

"AdvaCAL is easy to swallow and does not give me an upset stomach"
Mildred M.

"My first bone density test showed an increase of 5%!"
Barbara B.

"I have been using AdvaCal and it helps. I had a bone density test that revealed no osteoporosis."
Helen D.

AdvaCAL was a "Life Altering Change" Bone Scan + 11% in Spine in 4 years. "I have bones of a 30 year old."
Harriett M. Age 61

"I took Bone-Up and still had bone loss" With AdvaCAL and a walking program "I went from 3% lower than the average woman my age to being 20% higher."
Gina E. Age 39

"I have been taking AdvaCal. My doctor was so sure I'd have [bone loss], he insisted on a bone density test. But I was in good health using AdvaCal. It's more easily digestible than other products. I'd like to give it to my son, who is allergic to dairy."
Mary K.

"AdvaCal is easy to swallow and doesn't repeat on me. I'm fine. I used AdvaCal for preventive measures."
Irma C.

"Bone density increased 8% in the hip."
Toni P. Age 65

"I've been taking AdvaCal for almost a year now. I am very encouraged by AdvaCAL. I get a bone density test every year. My Physician suggested I take AdvaCal because it's more easily absorbed. I gave my three adult daughters bottles of AdvaCal along with literature about it for Christmas this past year!"
Marilyn P.

"I feel great! I'm energetic and I sleep well and more soundly. I saw results with AdvaCal immediately. There are absolutely no problems with side effects at all. It's a great product. So far, so good."
Barbara R.

"My Orthopedist checked my bone density and is exceedingly happy with the results and improvement since taking AdvaCAL?
Irmgard R.

"I started taking AdvaCAL. The last two bone density reports came back with no [concerns], not even borderline."
Dorothy P.

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