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Item: IF-0120
120 Softgels
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-Helps promote white cell production
-Synergistic with Noxylane4

ImmunoFin by LaneLabs is a natural source of concentrated G-E lipds also called alkyglycerols that helps promote healthy white blood cell production to support the immune system.

Concentrated Alklyglycerols
Scientists believe Alkylglycerols have many benefits, including helping to promote production of healthy white blood cells, the cells that are the immune system Alkylglycerols may be one of the most promising yet over-looked immune support compounds. They were first identified as a separate fraction of shark liver oil in the early 1920s by two Japanese scientists, M. Tsujimoto and Y. Toyama. But the health benefits of these compounds weren't well understood until 1958 when researched by Swedish physician Astrid Brohult, MD
Alkylglycerols are a special type of ether lipid. Lipids, sometimes called fats, are really a group of compounds that are water insoluble. They are typically manufactured by the body in the bone marrow and are one of the first substances delivered to an infant by the mother through breast milk. Mother's milk provides 30mg-50mg of Alkylglycerols per liter. Each ImmunoFin soft gel capsul contains 50 mg of Alklyglycerols.

One-Two Punch with Noxylane4
Noxylane4 and ImmunoFin contain different compounds for immune system health that can work synergistically. Research suggest that Noxylane4 helps support the activity of certain white blood cells; ImmunoFin helps promotes their production.

*ImmunoFin is a natural by-product of sharks harvested for food. LaneLabs vigorously supports sharks population conservation

For daily wellness: Take 1 ImmunoFin twice daily

For Maximum Benefits: Take 2 ImmunoFin twice daily.

Servings per Container: 60 Capsules

Serving Size: 2 Capsules

Calories: 5
Calories from Fat: 5
Total Fat: 0.5g
Vitamin D: 20IU

Other Ingredients: Shark Liver Oil Extract, Gelatin, Water and Glycerin.
"Gluten Free - Lactose Free"

What is ImmunoFin?
ImmunoFin is a concentrated G-E lipid (Glycerol Ether lipid) supplement made from purified shark liver oil. ImmunoFin helps maintain healthy, white blood cells for the body's immune system.

Why are G-E lipids in ImmunoFin important?
Scientists believe G-E lipids are essential in helping human organs, glands and tissue generate new white blood cells. Yet, many adult diets are low in foods which provide G-E lipids. Mother's milk is one of the richest known sources of G-E lipids, followed by shark liver oil. Through a chemical-free extraction process, LaneLabs increases the concentration of G-E lipids in shark liver oil to 20% in making ImmunoFin.

I take Noxylane4. Why should I consider ImmunoFin?
Noxylane4 has been shown to support the activity of existing Natural Killer (NK) cells. ImmunoFin helps maintain healthy white blood cells (the source of NK, T and B cells). The two supplements are synergistic.

Are G-E lipids the same as other fish oils?
No. G-E lipids are different from Omega-3 fatty acids, found in most fish oil. Other marine lipids such as cod liver oil do not have the immune system building properties of G-E lipids.

Does making ImmunoFin endanger sharks?
No. The shark liver oil used in ImmunoFin is a natural by-product of sharks harvested for food in Scandinavia, where shark has been a food staple for centuries. LaneLabs vigorously supports shark population conservation.

How to take ImmunoFin.
When taking it alone or with Noxylane4, take one softgel twice daily with food.

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