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Natures Lining

Natures Lining
Item: NL-60
60 Chewable Tablets
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Nature's Lining....Helps Ease Digestive Discomfort*


Nature's Lining, by LaneLabs, contains patented Zinc L-Carnosine. This natural ingredient suggests a new approach to digestive concerns and occasional heartburn. Chew 1 tablet with food twice daily for 8 weeks, then take only as needed.

Indigestion issues, such as occasional heartburn, upset stomach, nausea or bloating, seem to be a widely shared concern. And this is why antacid products have been top sellers for big companies for years. But what if there was a natural supplement that has been clinically proven to support the balance to the body's digestive system instead of fighting against it like antacids do.

The Digestive balance: Mucous Lining vs Gastric Acid
The stomach's natural defense mechanism is a protective lining of cells with an overlying thick coat of mucus called the stomach mucosa or stomach lining. Your stomach was also designed to produce and hold one of the most corrosive and offensive acids known to man: hydrochloric acid. When food hits the stomach the mucosa secrets gastric juice which is composed of hydrochloric acid. Hydrochloric acid has two functions: It breaks down protein so your body can use it to build new tissue, and it keeps the contents of your stomach sterile. Under ideal condition the natural defense (Stomach Lining) and the offense substance (Gastric Juice) stay in balance. If the balance is disrupted, and the stomach lining weak, this can cause digestive discomfort such as occasional heartburn or upset stomach.

At first, antacids may seem like a great idea: the acid is burning the stomach so you feel you should suppress the acid production. But in reality antacids aren't the long-term answer. They are specifically design to stop the production of hydrochloric acid or gastric juice. But gastric juice is needed - it plays a major role in digestion, breaking down the nutrients and keeping the stomach sterile. So instead of trying to suppress the offensive factor why not try a new approach and try to support and strengthen the defensive one, the stomach lining and help restoring the balance.

Supporting the Lining
Supporting the stomach's integrity and natural defense mechanism is the target of Nature's Lining.* With human and animal trials demonstrating safety and efficacy, the science supporting this natural ingredient suggests a new approach to occasional digestive concerns. One of the human clinical trials reported in the percentage of moderate improvement and significant improvement combined was 75.7% after 4 weeks and 89.3% after 8 weeks . Today doctors in Japan do recommend it for common digestive problems, occasional heartburn or upset stomach.

Nature's Lining contains Zinc L-Carnosine which was developed in Japan in the early 1990's. L-Carnosine is a di-peptide composed of the two essential amino acids ß-alanine and L-histidine. L-Carnosine is naturally present in our bodies in muscle and connective tissue. Zinc is an essential trace mineral element that plays a key role in numerous physiological reactions. When L-Carnosine is complexed with zinc in a patented formula, it offers unique properties in the supporting and strengthening of the stomach lining.*

Chew one tablet with food, twice daily (morning and evening) for eight weeks.
Serving per Container: 60 Chewable tablets


Serving Size: 1 Chewable tablet

What is Nature's Lining?
Nature's Lining is a chewable tablet which eases occasional heartburn by helping to strengthen the mucous lining that protects the stomach wall from gastric acid.


What causes occasional heartburn?
As we eat, the stomach produces gastric acid to break down food for proper digestion. In order to prevent the gastric acid from coming in direct contact with the stomach or esophagus wall, cells on the stomach/esophagus wall secrete mucus, forming a protective lining. If even a minuscule amount of gastric acid comes in direct contact with the stomach wall, it can cause discomfort. Nature's Lining supports the cells that secrete mucus to maintain a protective barrier between gastric acid and the stomach tissue. Spicy foods, coffee, overeating, alcohol and smoking can add to gastric discomfort.

How do I take Nature's Lining?
Always take with food. Chew one tablet twice daily (morning and evening) for eight weeks. Afterwards, an additional tablet can be chewed for occasional stomach discomfort as needed.

How soon will I see results?
Clinical research has shown that Nature's Lining strengthens the stomach wall in eight weeks. Some users have seen benefits more quickly. Your results may differ. Nature's Lining has been popular in Japan for years where it is recommended by many doctors. Numerous published scientific papers have shown that Nature's Lining is safe and very active.

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1. Bill on 1/9/2013, said:

almost heart burn free for 7 years. need a booster order now.
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2. Anonymous User on 12/19/2011, said:


The Zinc L-Carnosine in Nature's Lining has a stimulating effect on the natural defenses of the stomach. It grabs onto the areas of the stomach where the mucous lining is light and encourage the development of mucus, which then acts as a buffer against the acid."
Georges Halpern M.D

"A lot of patients have had less complaints of stomach upset"
Zvi Hershman, M.D.

"Nature's Lining is a proven effective way of strengthening the stomach wall. It's a real breakthrough. With Nature's Lining the job gets done properly. You'll be able to take it and experience the benefits of it potentially for the rest of your life."
Dr. Jonathan Goodman

One of the human clinical trials reported in the precentage of "moderate improvement" and "significant improvement" combiened was 75.7% after 4 weeks and 89.3% after 8 weeks.

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